From the Lebanese nature directly to you!
Aliya Water is also named as “the Natural Mineral Water “ & is certified from ESMA and ISO 22000.
Aliya’s water has no human interference at all!
It flows from the highest mountains of Saghbine, surrounded by the Chouf preserved cedars, an uninhabited and unpolluted area.
With its naturally balanced composition, free of Nitrates and the lowest in Sodium (1.1 mg), Aliya water is the best choice for a healthy dynamic lifestyle.


Attractive and Eco-Friendly Designed Packaging!

Aliya’s Bottle

Maintaining our belief of leading a healthy lifestyle and protecting our environment, we designed our bottles in regards to just that. With its sleek and curvy shape, it’s designed to pay homage to the female form in our high regards to mother nature.

The see-through label is designed to showcase the purity and clarity of our water.

We have a very good service: We offer a weekly distribution for our 19 L Gallons clients, as well as we offer a periodic sanitation and maintenance for coolers ( when needed ).


From nature directly to you!

Aliya’s water bottling has no human interference at all!

Quality at the source and factory level is monitored internally and tested by external laboratories. Our factory is equipped with its own laboratory to conduct in-house tests to ensure product quality. At the factory level, microbiological and chemical analysis is carried out to ensure safety and compliance.

We blow our own proprietary PET bottles on-site to further control the quality of our product. PET bottles are lightweight, durable, recyclable and equal less energy in production.

The average frequency of product quality controls is shown in this table :

Chemical Periodically
Microbiological Daily
Organic micro-pollutants (460 molecules) Yearly
New pollutants (40 molecules including pharmaceuticals) Yearly
Radiological (A and B activities) Every 3 years


Got what it takes?



Our franchisees are widely spread and diverse, from culture to countries and continents, as well as different career paths. Future vision is our key to success. All our franchisees share common goals and qualities such as perseverance, loyalty and dedication. 


Our distributers throughout Lebanon:

  • Tripoli and Akkar : Mr. Ali Abed Al Aziz +961 70 352 555
  • Koura and Batroun : Mr. Jamal Abdallah +961 3 238 848
  • Beirut and Mount Lebanon : Mr. Michel Nassar +961 71 361 010
  • South : Mr. Ali Jaber +961 76 684 999 ,  +961 7 763 669 for Customer Service , +961 70 830 006 for Management
  • Chouf : Mr. Hassan Barakeh +961 71 952 455
  • Iklim Area : TBA
  • West Bekaa : Mr. Wissam Sarroufim +961 81 697 097
  • Mid Bekaa : Mr. Chawki Jabali +961 3 874 688
  • North Bekaa : TBA

For export inquiries, please send us an email to


DORA, Beirut

for customer care and inquiries, please call +961 3 775 593 |