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Aliya Water flows from the highest mountains of Saghbine, an unpopulated and unpolluted area, surrounded by the Chouf Cedars Reserve that insures the purity and clarity of our water. Naturally balanced composition, free of nitrates and almost free of Sodium, Aliya water is the best choice for a healthy dynamic lifestyle.

Aliya the Water from the Heart of Lebanese Nature.

Flows From the Highest Mountains of Saghbine Area at 1920m Altitude

Aliya’s Source

Aliya’s water source is located at the heart of the highest mountains of Saghbine at an altitude  of 1920m.  Pristine snow and rain are filtered and    purified through the layers of the mountain                    and captured at the spring, then bottled                    directly at the source.

Surrounded By the Chouf Cedars Reserve, an Unpopulated and Unpolluted Area

The purity of Aliya’s drinking water is guaranteed by several factors:

  • Our spring water is obtained from protected natural spring sources.

  • Over 550 km2 of protected land surrounds our spring.

  • Our source is at an altitude of 1,920m above sea level, in an unpopulated area away from civilization.

  • Our spring water is bottled at the source, eliminating the risk of potential contamination that can occur during bulk transport of the water. Our bottling facilities blow the PET bottles on site.

  • A high quality of filters is used during the production, to avoid the use of chemical sterilization and to guarantee sanitation.

Attractive and Eco-Friendly Designed Packaging!

Aliya’s Bottle

Maintaining our belief of leading a healthy lifestyle and protecting our environment, we designed our bottles in regards to just that.

With its sleek and curvy shape, it’s designed to pay homage to the female form in our high regards to mother nature. The see through label is designed to showcase the purity and clarity of our water.

We blow our own proprietary PET bottles on-site to further control the quality of our product. PET bottles are lightweight, durable, recyclable and equal less energy in production.

Bottled & Distributed by Envirolink s.a.r.l.

Licenced under decree no.1561/1 dated on 12/8/2015 from the Ministry of Public Health, Lebanon.



Water Quality

A Perfectly Balanced Composition
  • Calcium ---------------------------------------- 45
  • Magnesium --------------------------------- 8.8
  • Potassium --------------------------------- <0.1
  • Sodium ---------------------------------------1.1
  • HCO3 - Bicarbonate --------------------- 132
  • Chloride --------------------------------------- 10
  • Nitrate (NO3) -------------------------------- 0.2
  • Iron ------------------------------------------- < 0.1
  • pH ----------------------------------------------- 7.5
  • TDS -------------------------------------------- 220
Almost Free of Sodium

Aliya boasts an extremely low quantity of Sodium, 1.1mg/l, in its composition!

You might ask why should you care if the water you drink has low sodium when you are generally careful with the amount of salt you shake on your meals. It may surprise you how many foods and beverages you consume everyday, sneakily contains a considerable amount of sodium. While sodium is essential to human life, a high level of daily intake can cause high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, convulsions, muscular twitching and rigidity, and other cardiovascular problems.

That is why it is important to control your sodium consumption to guarantee a healthier lifestyle.

Naturally Free of Nitrate

Aliya’s unique water source allows it to be completely and naturally free of Nitrates.

Why is this important? Nitrates can interfere with the ability of our red blood cells to carry oxygen and infants are more at risk of nitrate poisoning than older children or adults. Babies can turn “blue” when there is not enough oxygen being transported by their blood, and this “blue baby syndrome” (technically known as methemoglobinemia) is a serious condition that can cause brain damage or death.

Nitrates are colorless and odorless, so their presence cannot be determined without the use of special testing equipment, which Aliya has and diligently uses at its facilities.


Quality Control


From nature directly to you!

Aliya’s water bottling has no human interference at all!

Quality at the source and factory level is monitored internally and tested by external laboratories. Our factory is equipped with its own laboratory to conduct in-house tests to ensure product quality. At the factory level, microbiological and chemical analysis is carried out to ensure safety and compliance.

The average frequency of product quality controls is shown in this table :

  • Chemical periodically
  • Microbiological daily
  • Organic micro-pollutants (460 molcules)yearly
  • New pollutants (40 molecules including pharmaceuticals)yearly
  • Radiological (A and B activities )every 3 years

Factory laboratories are enrolled in international and independent proficiency testing based on which the accuracy of the analytical facility is assessed. Sensory water analysis (tasting, smelling) is a mandatory stage of the factory level product control protocol.

Aliya’s water factory has its own sensory expert panel. Each member has been selected, trained and equipped with sensory kits developed by quality experts to validate the sensory compliance of our products.

Human sensory capacities are highly efficient for detecting certain quality issues and come closest to the consumer experience. Humans are potentially able to detect chemicals that are undetectable even by laboratory testing. For instance, a molecule like trichloroanisole can be detected via the human sensors at 0.2 nanograms per litre concentration, while chromatographic devices are only able to detect it at 0.5 nanograms per litre.

Packaging is also continuously monitored on the production line and must comply with various testing protocols in the laboratory, including sensory testing.



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Aliya at the 5th Beirut Cooking Festival in Biel

Aliya participated in the 5th Beirut Cooking Festival held in Biel on the 12th till the 14th of November 2014.

Aliya at the The Syndicate of Nurseries Owners in Lebanon Workshop

Aliya was honored to participate in The Syndicate of Nurseries Owners in Lebanon Workshop on the 12th of March 2016 at Kab Elias - Bekaa

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